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21 Amazing Facts About the Secret Service You've Never Heard Of

21 Amazing Facts About the Secret Service You've Never Heard Of Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
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The work of the “men in black”, also known as the United States Secret Service, is shrouded in mystery and myths. We’re about to lift that veil of secrecy and discover some facts about these special agents. Their secret headquarters, code names they give presidents, their distinct hand position: there’s a lot to find out.
The vice-president, the first family, former presidents and their families, and visiting heads of foreign states are also under the protection of the Service. Presidential candidates are also taken care of for 120 days before an election. All agents also undergo a skills development course every 8 weeks to keep them on top of their game.
Each president’s route is thoroughly researched so that a hospital is always 10 minutes away. The agents have this time to take emergency measures.
Jimmy Carter’s code name was Deacon, Bill Clinton was called Eagle, and Donald Trump’s code name is Mogul.
One of the Secret Service’s rules is that the president should never be left alone. Agents have to participate in everything in his life, including his hobbies and visits to the doctor.


There are more of them than we think. 0:43
They don’t just guard presidents. 1:00
There are 3 service phases. 1:31
They’re trained to throw themselves in front of bullets. 1:53
They’re ready to provide first aid. 2:23
They keep a bag of the president’s blood on them. 2:50
Mount Weather isn’t a myth. 3:20
Presidents have code names. 3:58
There are motion sensors in the floor of the Oval Office. 4:30
They participate in the president’s hobbies. 4:49
They go to the doctor with the president. 5:18
They track all threatening letters. 5:49
They monitor and record everything. 6:37
They don’t take an oath to die for their president. 7:07
There’s only been one agent killed in the line of duty. 7:28
They keep their headquarters a secret. 7:50
The Secret Service was established the day Lincoln was shot. 8:24
The Secret Service wasn’t created to protect the president. 8:48
They don’t always wear sunglasses. 9:14
They make mistakes too. 9:36
Their hands are always ready. 9:55

-There are around 6,500 agents.
-Technically, the Secret Service has to protect anyone the President orders them to guard.
-Agents first have to work in the office for 3 years. The second phase with challenging tasks lasts for 4-7 years. In the final phase, an agent is promoted to a higher position or returns to office work.
-They use bullets specifically made for these training sessions that sting when they hit you and leave a colored mark but don’t actually hurt the agents.
-Every agent has basic medical skills and is ready to keep calm in a critical situation.
-Top agents always carry bags of the president’s blood so that there’s no risk with donors.
-One member of the Cabinet doesn’t attend State of the Union address because he’s hidden in an underground bunker in Mount Weather, Virginia under the protection of the Secret Service.
-For example, Barack Obama was Renegade, his wife was Renaissance, and their daughters were Radiance and Rosebud.
-Agents can easily trace any movement and any potential threat with the help of sensors in the floor of the Oval Office.
-Secret Service agents pick up different hobbies and develop new skills along with the Commander in Chief.
-The president can’t be alone with a doctor without an agent as an escort, no matter what the president’s problem is.
-The Secret Service checks all electronic and paper letters that contain any threats, even if they’re just a joke.
-Agents always use as many cameras and video surveillance as they can.
-There is no romantic “swearing” to take a bullet for the president.
-There’s only been one case in history when a Secret Service agent died for the President.
-The Secret Service headquarters is located in D.C. in a grey nine-story building without any identifying signs in H-street.
-President Lincoln approved the idea of Secret Service the day he was shot.
-Its original main purpose was to deal with counterfeiters and financial fraud.
-The glare or lack of light could cause them to miss something important, so the agents don’t always wear sunglasses.
-While Barack Obama was in an elevator with an armed officer, a man with a knife managed to trespass The White House grounds by jumping over a fence.
-Their finger position may differ, but the meaning is always the same: the agents are ready to react quickly and draw their weapons.

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